Cleansing Radon Remediation Systems

Create a safer indoor home or work environment with radon remediation systems from our company in Lisbon, Maryland. At Radon Mitigation Services by G.M.D., our goal is to literally help you and your family or employees breathe easier.

Custom Design

We design a radon reduction system as an integral part of your home. It does not create additional environmental, health, or safety hazards nor does it compromise the integrity and comfort of your home environment. Installation, operation, and maintenance cost will be considered and discussed in the design stage.


 Sub-slab ventilation is the most cost-effective of the approaches we use. It integrates PVC pipes with an exhaust fan. 

The system creates a lower pressure in the soil both in and around the structure when compared to the indoor pressure. This process prevents the transference of radon and other soil gases to the inside of your home.


Added Protection

Benefit from added radon protection for your home or business. We seal cracks, holes, and other openings to the substructure. These methods reduce the amount of flow necessary for controlling the pressure difference between the structure and soil. Sealing increases system effectiveness while also reducing thermal losses and fan requirements.


After completing the installation, a professional independent test lab will re-test your indoor radon levels. This post-completion test provides proof that we have done our job correctly. Testing also prevents any conflict of interest—from both G.M.D. and the homeowner.





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